Vinyasa flowing yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Introspection and knowledge of the self. PhilipMartinyoga, also marketed as ‘YogaZen’, seeks to utilize a yoga practice based on a somatic level of understanding the body from the inside out. A mindful approach which keeps the practitioner rooted in the present moment,  avoiding the ‘wandering mind’  we can all experience at times. It is an inclusive approach which aims to provoke mental and spiritual development as well as physical. Because it stresses the dynamics of the unique individual human experience it is applicable to everyone regardless of age or ability!  Whatever stage you are at there is always room for improvement.  

 A logical deduction we can all make is that within every person there is a potential that we can aim at if the will and the imagination can be accessed. All that is required is the correct roadmap you require to reach  the desired destination.

So you are invited to  ‘think’ as much as you are to move. Not simply to adjust your limbs and back but to investigate Human behavior, Philosophy, and Psychology. Also the concepts of Raja Yoga, meditation and the Tao, (Daoism) It’s an inclusive approach which draws on many resources not just within the yoga community but from academics, writer’s, Zen Masters, journalists and medical doctors.

If you have a busy mind and want to pull together all that goes on inside your head then this is an approach you do not want to miss.

Philip Martin