Within recent times more and more sports minded professionals are turning to yoga to assist with and increase performance. Whether it be a football goalkeeper or a Professional tennis player yoga is the discipline they are turning to and I have no doubt that in the near future more and more are going to catch on to this discipline to give them an advantage in the direction they desire. So Why Yoga? Well the benefits are many, not just in one direction but In many different ways. It is beyond doubt that it increases strength and flexibility in a way that few other disciplines can achieve and the reasons for this are due to the unique approach brought to the body in a synergistic fashion incorporating breath movement and concentration. Yoga has been proven to enhance reaction time, awareness and perception. To give an individual peace of mind including an increased level of confidence which of course is beneficial in multiple scenarios! It is also known that yoga can assist with creativity and this of course can be expressed in many ways- not just a painting on a canvas or within a beautiful Symphony but also on a Pitch, a court, an arena or even within a ring, the benefits can be achieved either singularly as an individual or collectively as a team but there is no doubt that there is an advantage to be gained.  Ironically it’s not that hard to achieve either, all that is required is a little Know-how combined with a sense of discipline and application .So if you are interested in achieving what I am going to term ‘the edge’, over your opponent/s then why not get in touch for a private consultation. I can work either individually or collectively  within a team based setting. Click on the contact page for details and a no obligation chat. It has been deeply rewarding for myself to be able to work with Karola Bejenaru, one of the few tennis professionals based in Northern Ireland. I have also worked with the Squash Players/team at David Lloyds Sports as well as the Children of the Ulster Tennis Academy working to increase flexibility and core strength.

Professionals athletes who practice yoga include.

Andy Murray (Professional Tennis)

Shaquille O’Neal (Former NBA player)

New Zealand All Blacks ( New Zealand national rugby team)

Maria Sharapova (Professional Tennis)

Ryan Giggs (Professional Football)

Novak Djokovic  (Professional Tennis)