These Workshops are primarily divided into three categories: 1 Body and anatomy: 2 Consciousness and mind: 3 The construction of self: Whilst the content can be looked into in great detail It is important to stress that the workshop is delivered in a playful light-hearted fashion which is easily understood by all in a practical and digestible style 

In the anatomy workshop, posture within meditation is addressed and the reasons for openness within the body, is of course a must.  We will utilise the work of Mel Robin on the nervous system; referred to within the book by William J Broad “The Science of Yoga”, and we will also briefly look at the concept of Myofacial Meridians and lines of energy/connectivity throughout the body and also ‘Tensegrety structures’ discussed by Thomas W Myers in his book “Anatomy Trains”.

In the consciousness and mind workshop we will be looking at the mind body location/connection, and addressing the question asked since humans could rationalize “What am I?” As noted by the philosopher Rene Descartes ‘Cognito ergo sum’ or “I think therefore I am”.  We will also utilise the work of Alan Watts a British American philosopher born in 1915 and consider what we find when we look closer at the structure of the ‘mind’! It is of course useful to have control of the mind once we are aware of it so we will use the work of Robert Anton Wilson in his book Prometheus Rising to investigate in a very humorous fashion how this control has got away from many!

Finally in the third workshop we consider the concept of self! The inner narrative; or as my Zen teacher, Paul Haller, refers to – The world according to me! (YOU)  We will discuss “The Ego Trick” by Julian Baggini and the illusion of self!  Also the idea that you are part of a collective with regards to genetic inheritance as discussed by Mark Wolynn in his book “It Didn’t Start With You” where he investigates personality traits and character and how/why we should look to our families as well as our cultures to understand how we have constructed that idea we hold about ourselves.  Also within Buddhism we have the idea that self is an illusion, nothing more than an imaginary concept.  But if it is an imaginary concept, possibly it is easier to imagine another improved concept just with a little imagination which brings us back to the ideas within Raja Yoga and the notion of a potential human existence which is  rich, full and rewarding!

Why not come along and see for yourself:  partake of a little Vinyasa flow yoga, a light touch of meditation, and listen to some thought provoking ideas which might just change your life priorities!  Notifications of workshops can be obtained by direct contact phone/mobile/email or the Facebook link on this site.